"The Christmas Waltz"

Santa's on his way
He's filled his sleigh with things
Things for you and for me

We're getting things for Christmas this year? Hooray! Last year all I got was stuff. At least it wasn't crap. But if it's not too late, Santa, what I really want is miscellany. I know that's a bit fancy, but I've been a good boy, really I have.

(You have to love the way Frank builds to and hits the word "things" in that phrase, all buttery excitement, as if he's crooning the name of his dearest love. Who doesn't love things, right?)

A very Merry Christmas to my four readers! Hope you all get lots of things!


MomVee said...

This made me laugh very hard. A few years ago I tried giving everyone books and it didn't go over well, so I told my mother I was going to go back to giving people crap. Perhaps I should have considered things instead.

C-Belle said...

I simply ADORE things. Happy Holidays, darling!

Peter said...

Things rock!