"Jesus Walks"

The way Kathie Lee needed Regis
That's the way I need Jesus

Kanye West can't be faulted for trying to inject a little old time religion into hip-hop, but his good intentions are somewhat undermined when he compares his relationship with our Lord and Savior to that of a couple of amiable talk-show hosts. It seems a tad disrespectful, especially considering that Kathie Lee is doing just fine without Regis these days. Surely he's not suggesting that after fifteen or so years with Jesus he'll be ready to move on (to Scientology, perhaps?) No, I think he just consulted his rhyming dictionary without thinking too hard, and came up with a lyric so bad it inspired this blog.

The song itself isn't bad, but those lines get me every time. "Regis" was the best rhyme he could think of to start the couplet? How about "The way Häagen-Dazs needs freezers" or "The way Wallace and Gromit needed cheeses"? Actually, the latter one works nicely: Wallace and Gromit needed cheese so much they were willing to build a rocket and fly to the moon to get it. Now *that's* commitment worthy of the Son of God.

And another question: How is it that Weird Al hasn't yet recorded a parody entitled "Regis Talks"?

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